Our Top 4 Tips for Having it All in Paris

Have you ever owned a really great handbag?

You know that feeling then… when you don’t ever want to put it down because you’re just so proud? When the compliments keep flooding in and you feel like a part of you is more complete somehow? You could be having a bad hair day or spill coffee all over your blazer and somehow the magic of a classic Chanel handbag makes those minor details fade into the background as it captivates all attention.

But, also… have you ever been to Paris? I’m not just talking about living vicariously through Carrie Bradshaw as you watch Sex and the City reruns… have you actually visited for yourself? Do you know what it’s like to stroll along the Siene and peruse the local art or to taste a delicious buttery croissant from the local boulangerie?  Have you witnessed the wonder that comes with watching the Eiffel Tower sparkle at night while you sip champagne on the lawn?

If you’re like most people, you may have been lucky enough to know what one of these blissful experiences is like… but very few people can say they know both. Due to the financial investments required, we’re often forced to choose between an artistic form of self-expression or elevated once in a lifetime opportunities. Experiencing more in life is one of our core values at Luxsey, so we decided to change those limitations. It’s why we offer smarter ways to shop for the luxury handbags that you dream of carrying- without cutting into other areas of your life. Simply put: we desire for you to have everything you desire (which means you can have that Louis Vuitton you’ve always dreamed of and a trip to Paris)

We’ve already provided a solution to make the handbags you desire more attainable, but in the spirit of experiencing more, we didn’t want to stop there. So we’ve pulled together 4 simple tips for saving money in Paris while still having plenty of luxe experiences.

Perhaps you can have it all after all.

1. Avoid summer

Paris is a city that’s wonderful year round, so there’s no need to go during peak tourist season. In fact, some of the most lovely times to visit are in the offseason! Not only is it magical to watch the leaves change colors in autumn or to see the flowers blooming in the spring, but prices for both flights and accommodations will be significantly cheaper. during these months than in the high summer season. For ideal weather, prices and crowds, plan your trip in April, May, September or October.

2. Dine like the French

Paris is filled with countless boulangeries (bakeries) and markets full of fresh ingredients where Parisians shop daily. Instead of eating at a cafe for every meal, make like the locals and head to Rue Cler (in the 7th arrondissement) to shop for some bread, cheese, wine, meat and whatever else you want for your own picnic (while you’re at it, go ahead and buy breakfast items for each day here). From here, you’re only about a 10-minute walk to the lawn of the Eiffel Tower, the perfect place to sit and enjoy a meal. Not only does this trick make for an idyllic picnic, it puts more pennies in your pocket to put toward a few nicer meals.

3. Skip the Taxis

Paris has so many wonderful ways to get around that won’t cost as much as hailing a taxi. For starters, it’s an incredibly wonderful city to walk around! But if you need to go a bit farther than you care to stroll, try renting their local Vélib bikes (€1,70 for the day and can be returned at one of the countless Vélib kiosks around the city). The metro is also incredibly user-friendly (and Google Maps will navigate for you seamlessly!) Simply purchase tickets at any metro station (the best value is a carnet, which is 10 tickets for €14,50).

4. Live like a Parisian

Hotels are great and can offer luxurious amenities, however, you will absolutely pay for them (and how much do you actually care about swimming or using the gym while you’re in Paris?) There are an incredible number of chic apartments available for rent through companies like One Fine Stay or Airbnb. Not only will these offer you more affordable prices since you’re not paying for a long list of amenities you don’t need, this option also lets you experience life like a Parisian in a chic apartment (perhaps even overlooking the Eiffel Tower).

The solutions we’re proposing aren’t compromising value. By taking the advice above, you’re able to save plenty of money while still experiencing the trip of a lifetime. Just like by leasing one of our bags, you’re still carrying what you’ve always wanted. We simply believe there’s a smarter way to do things- a way that lets you have Paris and the handbag.

So here’s finding more ways that we can all experience more.

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